About Wattles Farm

Wattles Farm, started in 1975, is one of the oldest surviving community gardens in the City of Los Angeles. It was among the first gardens started under then Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley’s initiative to use public lands for community gardening.

On a quiet street off of Hollywood Boulevard sits Wattles Farm, a communal garden that invites members to plant their own herbs, fruits and vegetables in a serene landscape that has been around since 1907. Lined with century-old avocado trees, the plot also features shady benches and winding paths to meander through; the grounds are taken care of by members on a rotating basis.

In 1975 a group of local residents converted a Four acre section of the then-neglected Wattles estate into a community garden. Today, this members-only organic garden is among the oldest community gardens in Los Angeles. It is run by a nonprofit organization called the Wattles Farm and Neighborhood Gardeners Inc. in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.