We are happy to announce that we are now accepting membership applications again.

To become a member of Wattles Farm, one must download and complete the application form below and follow the included instructions to send it in via USPS “snail mail”.

How to download the application form:

1. Click on the GRAY link below that says Wattles-Application-Forms.

2. A box will open telling you that you are about to download the wattles application form .ZIP and asking you if you wish to save or open the file, select SAVE FILE and click “OK”.

3. The file will save to wherever you usually save your downloaded files on your computer (this is often the downloads folder)

4. Once you have located the Wattles folder you will need to right click and select extract all to unzip it.

5. Once the files have been extracted you will be able to open them in word and fill out the application. Thank you