Wattles Farm Member Payment

Zelle now added as another payment option for your annual membership dues:

When using Zelle, please provide the following information:

  1. The recipient:  wattlesfunds@gmail.com
  2. The amount
  3. Your name and plot number

При использовании Zelle вам необходимо  предоставить 3 части информации:

  1. Кому вы платите:  wattlesfunds@gmail.com
  2. Сумма
  3. Сообщениe: Ваш номер участка и фамилию


The $185.00 fee is due on July  1st. Payment received after July 31 will have a $15.00 late fee added.


Плата в размере 185  долларов США должна быть уплачена 1 июля. К платежам, полученным после  31 июля, будет добавлена плата за просрочку платежа в размере 15 долларов  США.

Other payment options:


You can pay your yearly membership dues by PayPal by selecting one of the plans below. (NOTE: There is a $7.00 transaction fee to use PayPal)


You can mail a check to our Treasurer (Kevin Kane, 1745 Camino Palmero, Unit# 302, Los Angeles, CA 90046).


Contact your Garden Master to make arrangements.

Flexible plans for everyone

One time Payment

$ 192 one time yearly payment
  • One time payment for your yearly membership
  • Includes $7.00 transaction fee

Recurring Payment

$ 192
recurring yearly payment
  • Recurring payments for your yearly membership
  • Includes $7.00 transaction fee
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