Wattles Farm Member Payment


About the membership dues increase ​

This notice is to inform you that, effective immediately, our annual dues are being increased to $185.  The time to pay dues is from now until May 31.*  To be clear, we are in crisis.  Like everyone during this time of Covid 19, our garden has been hit hard.  Regular bookings that would have normally brought in donations during the year to sustain our operating budget were suspended.  As a result, we are in dire straits financially.  The time has come for each of us to step up in support of the garden we love.  All of us chipping in now ensures that our garden continues to survive, and that it will thrive into the future.

We recognize this annual dues increase may at first seem drastic, but in reality it amounts to just $5 more per month.  We can all agree our precious garden is certainly worth that – and more.

Three ways to pay for your yearly memberships


You can pay your yearly membership dues by PayPal by selecting one of the plans below. (NOTE: There is a $5.00 transaction fee to use PayPal)


You can mail a check to our Treasurer (Vern Knoop, 2851 Hermosa Ave., Glendale, CA 91214-3906)


Contact one of the board members to make arrangements

Flexible plans for everyone

One time Payment

$ 192 one time yearly payment
  • One time payment for your yearly membership
  • Includes $7.00 transaction fee

Recurring Payment

$ 192
recurring yearly payment
  • Recurring payments for your yearly membership
  • Includes $7.00 transaction fee
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