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The following is a letter from Toby.

Please vote for Wattles Farm now – April 21st 2014 and help us win a grant. Read on to find out more…



Dear Members,

We have recently entered Wattles Farm in the Seeds of Change® Grant Program. Seeds of Change® is an organic food and seed company that is committed to giving communities the ingredients to grow a healthier, more sustainable relationship with food by supporting sustainable community-based gardening and farming programs. To support their mission, they donate 1% of net sales to support and develop sustainable community-based gardening and farming programs. Wattles Farm would like to ask for your help in supporting our submission during the public voting phase of the grant application process.

To enter, I submitted an application through www.seedsofchangegrant.com where I explained how we would use the grant to achieve our organization’s goals. On April 1 at 12:00 noon EDT, the public began voting on the applications that have been submitted. Each person has the opportunity to vote one time per day until April 21 2014. After that, only the top 50 applications that receive the most votes move on to the final judging phase.

On May 5, Seeds of Change® will announce which organizations will each receive one of the two $20,000 grants or the 15 $10,000 grants.

I think this is a great opportunity for our community to rally behind our program and I hope you’ll help me get the word out through our social media channels and other forms of communication to spread the word to vote!

Thanks in advance for your support!

Toby Leamen – President – Wattles Farm

So this is where you come in. If you would like to see us get this grant please cast you vote and REMEMBER TO VOTE EVERYDAY!!!

To vote for Wattles Farm CLICK HERE and enter ‘Wattles Farm, Los Angeles, CA 90046 in the corresponding search boxes then click search and then click on the Wattles box that will appear to cast your vote!  (Example image below)

Example Image – Voting Instructions

If you are on Facebook and Twitter you can also help. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW.

Why Wattles needs this grant…

We have over 140 avocado trees, some of which are over 104 years old. The current watering system is inadequate and does not properly water those trees. The trees have to be watered by hand now and water is wasted. We are responsible for the maintenance and cost of operation, our monthly water bills average $800. With the grant, we will be able to purchase and have installed, a new watering system that would automatically turn the water off when the trees have been given sufficient water. We will then fall within our yearly budget for watering the avocado tree our historical avocado trees. We will also purchase rain barrels to capture rain water from the roofs of four buildings. Our community garden is located right in the heart of Hollywood,California. We give tours to any visitor who shows interest in our beautiful community garden. Additionally, our many trees provide oxygen to a very congested area of our city.



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