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  1. We want to wish all moms a very happy Mother’s Day!!! Thanks to all the moms for taking care of those around you, and for making the world a better place.

    Looking forward to see you in the garden after Pandemic ends.

  2. Dear gardeners, tomorrow, March 22nd, is the World WATER DAY. and the topic for 2018 is “Nature for Water” to encourage people to “look for the answer in nature”. For example, how to reduce floods, droughts and water pollution and to protect ecosystems. In Wattles, particulery, we all have to think more about water!!!

  3. Happy holidays to all of our members and their families, those waiting to get a plot and Friends of Wattles Farm.

    May 2018 be a year of peace, good health, understanding and…..having a wonderful time while at our beautiful community garden.

  4. This looks like such a great farm and community! Would absolutely love to have a plot here and will be applying very soon! Wishing everyone much success with their gardens!

    1. Hi Samantha, just scrolling through comments and saw yours, wondering how long it took you to get a plot?

  5. I came across the new-to-me website by accident—so lovely to see all the photos of everyone in the garden! Special hellos to Toby and Norton and very happy belated happy birthday to Reggie!

    hugs from seattle. . . .

  6. Dear friends, gardeners, during this Holidays Season we wish you very happy, healthy, and successful New Year with a lot of healthy vegetables on your plots with a lot of pleasure to be in the garden!!!
    See you all in the garden in 2015!!!

    Дорогие наши друзья, садоводы, в течение этого праздничного сезона мы желаем вам очень счастливого, здоровогo и успешного Нового Года с большим количеством здоровых овощей на участках и с большим удовольствием время препроваждения в саду!!!
    До встречь со всеми вами в 2015 году!!!

  7. the Ben & Jerry’s Core Tour Ice Cream truck is in town giving out samples of their new Core flavors, and I have been working on convincing them to come to our picnic on Sun Jun 22. Anyone else wanna join in?

    You have to tweet them @benjerryswest but please do, and ask them to come; if enough folks do, we might be able to talk them into joining us!

  8. Today is the last day that we can vote for the Seeds of Change Contest. Whatever the outcome, thank you all for taking the time to vote every day.

    Long may our beautiful community garden thrive and our crops bountiful!

  9. “Get dirty” Descanso series start on January 21st at 2pm and admission is free
    Planning a Spring Garden, January 21 at 2pm in Descanso Garden
    Plant with a plan for an amazing spring! Part of “Get Dirty: A Garden Series by Descanso” on Third Tuesdays. Public admission to the Gardens and the lecture is free of charge the third Tuesday of the month. In Van de Kamp building.
    For details open this web:

  10. Dear gardeners,
    Time is going too fast and again we are close to Holydays Season.
    Happy Hanukkah and Thanksgiving!!!
    Enjoy these moments with your family.
    Be in a good mood and continue this way
    to the next Thanksgiving Day
    With good wishes to all of you!!!

    Дотогие садоводы,
    Время спешит и вот мы опять на пороге Праздничного Сезона.
    Поздравляем с праздниками Хануки и Благодарения.
    Наслождайтесь моментами в кругу своей семьи.
    Будьте в хорошем настроении и старайтесь сохранять его до следующего Праздничного Сезона.
    С наилучшими пожеланиями ко всем Вам.

  11. We at Wattles Farm want to thank the following for volunteering their time this past weekend. They did a magnificent job:

    Saturday, September 7th–Professors, Staff and Students from Pepperdine
    University cleaned and leveled pathways.

    Sunday, September 8th–Volunteers consisting of children and adults as well as staff from Whole Foods, West Hollywood, working in the Herschel Gilbert Avocado Grove pulling weeds.

    It was a wonderful experience working with these wonderful people, you are appreciated!

    1. Hi, I live a 20 minute walk and just learned about this amazing garden, I’m interested in having a plot/bed soon for myself if possible?
      Also I would like to volunteer my picking services to reach high fruit for anyone willing, I love avocados especially and would come pick for free for people who can’t reach themselves, as I have the longest picker on the market that reaches nearly 40’, all I ask is some fruit for my troubles, I also have a pickup truck and can do pick ups and removals for people,
      please call me at 3232440126
      Thanks, Ross

  12. it was great potluck and magnificent celebration Ridge’s 100 years Birthday yesterday. Everything was organized very well, colorful from the nature to the dresses, garden hats, tablecloths, food and drinks. This event make everyone happy.

    At the same time our Board of Directors election took place. We congratulate all who were elected to the Board.

    Many thanks to the Board and Toby Leaman for making this event happened. let’s do it more often.

    1. Russian Translation
      Вчера был очень хороший пикник и замечательное празднование 100 ления со дня рождения Ridge. Всё было организовано очень хорошо, начиная с природных красок, цветовой гаммы одежды, подготовленных к конкурсу садовых шляп, ярких скатертей, еды и напитков. У всех было хорошее настроение.
      В это же время проходили наши выборы правления. Поздравляем победителей.
      Большое спасибо Правлению и Toby Leaman за организацию такого праздника. Давайте чаще проводить такие мероприятия.

  13. Dear friends, gardiners, during this Holidays Season we wish you happy and healthy Holidays and very happy and successful New Year with a lot of healthy vegetables on your plots with a lot of pleasure to be in the garden!!!
    See you all in the garden in 2013!!!

    Дорогие наши друзья, садоводы, в течение этого праздничного сезона мы желаем вам весёлых и здоровых праздников и очень счастливого и успешного Нового Года с большим количеством здоровых овощей на участках и с большим удовольствием время препроваждения в саду!!!
    До встречь со всеми вами в 2013 году!!!

  14. Привет! Мое имя Неля, я жена Юры Иванова, вашего огородника. Мне хотелось бы узнать будут ли какие-то предложения или статьи по выращиванию и уходу за овощами, какие удобрения лучше для разных растений (применительно для Салифорнии), можно ли поделиться или обменяться семенами,или можно свои источники информации предложить по выращиванию тех или иных плодово-овщных саженцев. Я часто выхожу на русские сайты и на сколько все это применительно к нашим условиям – у меня есть сомнения, и еще я имею сайты и уже заказывала на них семена салатов японских или азиатских, насколько это нужно или не нужно этому сайту. Мне было бы приятно участвовать на вашем сайте. с уважением ко всем членам огородничества, Неля

    1. English Translation:
      Hi! My name is Nelly, I am the Yura’s Ivanov wife from your gardener. I would like to know whether any suggestions or articles on growing and careing for vegetables, which fertilizers are better for different plants (applicable for California), whether to share or exchange seeds, or you can offer their sources for growing certain fruits – vegetable plants. I often brows on the Russian sites, and I want to know how the information from there useful to our conditions – I have my doubts, and I also already ordered some Japanese and Asian salads seeds from some websites, as far as whether or not you need this information for your website. I would be pleased to participate in your site. with respect to all members of the garden.